when location is everything

understanding it is a necessity

analytics for indoor location

Developed for real-time indoor location services

Powerful geospatial visualizations and analysis

Intuitive dashboards and discovery tools

understand each interaction better

People and assets interact with indoor environments continuously. We help make each interaction valuable.

Developed for location data

  • Geospatial framework designed specifically to optimize location data
  • Powerful visual analytics and advanced spatial analysis
  • Answer where, when and who at a single site or across multiple sites
  • Zone analysis, route analysis and site comparisons provide deeper understanding of traffic patterns and workflows
  • Evaluate trends, rank and outliers for sites, departments, zones, aisles and more
  • Visualize data with heat maps, time series animation maps, choropleth maps, route analysis and fully integrated digital floor plans

Built for purpose to answer your questions

  • Developed for high performance real-time indoor location services like ultra wideband (UWB)
  • Foundation of core components used to develop solutions that meet your specific indoor location applications and use cases
  • Available from the Cloud or deployable on private domain
  • Comprehensive discovery and exploration tools
  • Scalable to integrate complimentary data such as inventory, workforce, assets and additional sensor based data
  • Understand traffic patterns at the site or look at the big picture with enterprise insights from across your organization

better insights at every level

better insights have no boundaries

No matter what your application or industry is, we can help make your location data more valuable

Workforce Optimization

Understanding how employees use space is the foundation to optimizing your workforce, workflows and space allocation. Our location based insights help identify workforce outliers, rank, trends and compare how space is used across zones, routes and multiple sites. 

Consumer Insights

Build valuable new insights about consumer behavior and traffic patterns with comprehensive traffic metrics, analysis for zones, routes and stores, and rich visualizations featuring animated traffic maps, heat maps and thematic maps.


The use of real time location and other sensors to track and optimize performance is becoming more common in a number of sports. Let us help make sure the data tells the right story by providing the insights and visual communication tools that answer the questions that matter.

Asset Tracking & Management

Tracking assets is critical in many industries for safety, supply chain management, allocation and logistics. Understanding where assets are, their location history and what potential problems exist can be improved with comprehensive dashboard tools that turn data into useful information.

Who we are

Tangerine Mobile provides an innovative location analytics solution for high performance real time location services (RTLS). Founded on the basic premise that location data is best understood with geospatial analytics and visualizations, we help clients get more from their indoor location data.

Together, we are a collection of seasoned geospatial professionals and developers with a passion for using location to answer complex questions. Our mission is to provide organizations with a location analytics solution that is designed from the ground up to work specifically with location data.

Ken Curry

Ken Curry, Co-founder

Seasoned problem solver with a passion for all things geospatial

JJ Schlafley

JJ Schlafley, Co-founder

Master tech chef creating business intelligence and happiness for clients.

David Nichol

David Nichol, Co-founder

Keeps the machine and all of its parts and people running at peak performance

Bryan Van Meter

Bryan Van Meter, Lead Developer

Crafting code that makes information useful and the details effortless

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